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Our favorite writing on love and money this year.


We hope this newsletter finds you well. And by well, we mean fully satiated on a squishy couch in a pair of thicc pajamas. We’re in the midst of that one week of the year when doing nothing is widely accepted and almost encouraged. If you can’t achieve full-lump status, that’s okay, too. Even our calendars are not completely blocked off, but we are doing as much of nothing as possible.

In August, we created The Joint Account not only as a digital scrapbook of our own money lessons and experiences but to connect with real people on real topics that impact your relationships. So many of you have been willing to share your thoughts and open your hearts with us for this newsletter–and our book, the bigger project behind all of this. We can’t possibly thank our 11,000+ subscribers enough for your readership, engagement, and support. 

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What a perfect moment to share some of our favorite writing about love and money that was published this year. If you’re lucky enough to be sinking into a tech hole next to your partner, we hope you’ll share something below with them, too.




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